Mays Hall

This shirt collection honors the incomparable Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays Dorm Hall, which offers housing for Upper Classmen. The iconic Morehouse College president Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays was one of the greatest forces in education and social activism in the twentieth century who many credit with planting the intellectual roots of the modern civil rights movement through his writings, speeches against segregation, and influence on his students. Martin Luther King, Jr. often referred to President Mays as his "spiritual mentor", and Mays delivered King's eulogy after his death during a memorial ceremony on the Morehouse campus.***

He has received over 50 honorary degrees. Before coming to Morehouse, he also served as dean of the Howard University School of Religion. Mays was a prolific international speaker and served as an advisor to Presidents Kenney, Johnson, Truman, and Carter.***

This shirt is available in White/Athletic Sport Grey/ Maroon and is also available in Tanks & Hoodies, upon request.

***Source Credit: Morehouse College Website:***