Bessie Strong

This Shirt honors Spelman's iconic hall known Bessie Strong Hall.

You may recognize Bessie Strong Hall from the television series, "A Different World." The upperclass residence hall was used as a background for the television program. Bessie Strong Hall was built in 1917 and named for John D. Rockefeller's oldest daughter. After undergoing a complete renovation in 2004, Bessie Strong Residence Hall was reopened as a theme house, Sisters Center for WISDOM (Women in Spiritual Discernment of Ministry). 

The WISDOM Center serves to provide a holistic educational experience that nourishes the spiritual and ethical development of a new generation of Spelman women who are prepared to be faithfully committed, morally grounded and civilly conscious leaders, serving the church, the community and the world. All of the students, who wish to live in this residence hall, must apply through the Wisdom Center.

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